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Well I’ve taken my first step. Just signed up to Poker stars. It was a quick process of a small (5mb) download and then signing up to an account. The main thing was thinking of a username, Monster was gone so I got horse poker so you have no excuse not to notice me playing.

 It was very quick making the account and you don’t need to give any account details till you want to make a deposit so I thought I’d give some of my $1000 play money a go. Joined a low stake hold’em game.

 My first impressions is that the game is much faster than what I’m used to at Pacific Poker. Although that my be because of the people playing but I found Pacific Poker to be a little frustrating at times as you wanted to shout ‘Get on with it!’.. Sometime I thought they must have gone to make a cup of tea or something. Well Pokerstars wasn’t like that at all. The player soon got on with the game, the interface is nice as simple and it also tells you what your best hand is while your playing.

 I like the way you can upload a picture so people can see what you look like or at least what your favorite pets looks like, whatever your preference. But at least it’s not as faceless as the other casinos. Another handing feature is that you can take notes while you play which is very handing if you meet the same player again and you can quickly recall how they play.

 I’m unsure which poker casino I like best though. Poker stars has much better range of card games and has more friendly features but I think Pacific Poker is much better for the slower learner, especially with their tutorial table were you play the computer and it help you to decide to fold etc. I think I’ll use both for the time being. Use up my play month as Pacific and have as look at some of the low amount pay games on PokerStars.

Casino advertisment